Summer is almost here! It’s time for trips to the beach and sunny days spent in the pool. Swimming in the pool can be a lot of fun, but it what isn’t fun is swimmer’s ear. Did you know that swimmer’s ear is actually an ear infection caused by bacteria breeding in the ear canal when there is trapped moisture? … Read More


There is noise pollution everywhere we go: there are even “noise-cancelling” features in our earbuds and headphones that filter out background noises for us. If we are exposed to unwanted noises for too long, it can be very irritating. No matter what the noise pollution: airplanes overhead or traffic from a nearby road, a dog barking or a lawnmower in … Read More


With summertime comes fun in the sun and outdoors at concerts and picnics.  It’s the time for beach visits and laying out by the pool, park outings, and outdoor concerts when the day cools into evening. Festivals and concerts are a great change meet new friends, hear great music and hang out outside. One thing that all concerts are is … Read More

Pool Time! Avoid Swimmer’s Ear with These Tips

It’s summer time, and for most of us, that means we will spend some hot days in the pool. Pool time is a lot of fun, but it also comes with the risk of swimmer’s ear. Swimmer’s ear is a type of ear infection caused by bacteria that breeds in the ear canal when moisture is trapped there. As part … Read More

Welcome to May: Better Hearing Month!

With aging comes normal changes in hearing, as well as language and speech. There are ways to maintain good hearing and speech, however. Here are a few ways to keep your hearing in tip-top shape: Protection Can Prevent Hearing Loss. When participating in loud activities, such as going to a concert, mowing the lawn or spending time building in the … Read More

Could Hearing Loss be Related to Snoring?

If you sleep in the same room with someone who snores often, you know it can be an annoyance and cause you to lose sleep. Recent research is also finding, however, that pesky noise can have serious health impacts on both the snorer and those around them. If you sleep beside someone who snores, you may be at a higher … Read More