A Patient’s Journey to Better Hearing

The process of improving your hearing is a journey. Our audiologists can help you navigate that journey which begins with awareness and identification of your hearing difficulties and follows a customized path resulting in a successful outcome. At California Hearing Center, we offer a wide array of audiology services designed to facilitate this journey and make the path to better hearing easy for you. We recommend your family join you in this journey, not only to support you along the way, but because having a hearing deficit affects those around you, too. With offices in San Carlos and San Mateo, CA, we invite you to learn more about what we can do for you.

Diagnostic Tests

In addition to discussing your hearing loss symptoms with a member of our staff, we will also conduct an initial hearing evaluation to create a specific profile of your hearing. This will tell us how much speech your ears hear and how much they miss. It will also give us further information about how much difficulty you have hearing in the presence of background noise. Finally, it will tell us if you need to be referred to a physician for medical follow up.

Consultation & Treatment

At your consultation, our hearing doctor will explain the results of the hearing evaluation, discuss the situations in which you are having difficulty hearing and find out what is important to you. We will then recommend a plan for improving your hearing. This plan may include the use of hearing aids as well as other hearing devices that can directly connect with your cell phone for adjusting and streaming sound including TV & phone accessories. We may also recommend education classes, lessons about useful communication skills, and auditory training to enhance your listening skills.

Hearing Devices

Those who use hearing devices will experience how well they enhance soft speech, make conversational speech clear and minimize the difficulty of hearing in areas with ambient sounds and background noise. They also provide a rich source of acoustic information to the hearing centers in your brain which reduces the strain to hear and contributes to overall good cognitive health. Offering a variety of hearing aids with varying designs and technological capabilities, it is our goal to help you choose a device that matches your needs, your hearing profile, your cosmetic preferences, and fits within your budget.

Education Classes

We invite you to join our informal Listen UP Now classes where you will learn about a variety of topics related to hearing heath and communication, including practical strategies that can be used immediately. Our compassionate hearing doctor encourages new users of hearing devices to attend these classes as they can help those facing hearing loss learn more about how to clean their device, adjust to wearing them, and help them understand how to make the most of the advancements they offer, including how to connect them to smart phones and tablets.

Listening Training

Auditory training improves listening skills and allows the brain to analyze the new sounds that it is receiving. We highly recommend these fun and interactive computerized games that help you develop active listening skills & strategies for better hearing and communication. We offer both LACE™ and cLEAR™ training programs.
Communication 5 Keys

5 Keys to Communication

Good communication skills are crucial to improving your hearing and your quality of life. The 5 Keys Communication™ program an excellent resource we offer to teach the 5 important techniques for better hearing and listening – skills that can be used by anyone, regardless of hearing ability. The program consists of a communication handbook and weekly eLessons that include communication strategies, hearing aid tips, information about other hearing-enhancement technologies, games & activities, and links to consumer organizations.

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